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Hours: monday thru friday from 8:00AM TO 4:30PM



  • ELECTRONIC WASTE REMOVAL : Most of the pick ups are FREE under some circumstances a small fee may apply. Please call for details. We service residential and business customers. We can assist your business while moving to a new location or closing your facility. 

  • FREE DROP OFFS :  no charge/ no pay for your electronic items. However,  there is a drop off  fee for metal appliances & large printers.  Please see  items we accept  for a detailed list of items we can take  for free. We do not take household batteries, light bulbs or any other hazardous waste. Drop Offs are accepted only during business hours.

  • RECYCLING EVENTS: You can apply to schedule an e-waste fundraiser event for your school, church or charitable organization. Contact us for more details

  • HARD DRIVE / EQUIPMENT DATA DESTRUCTION:  This service is available only upon request and a service fee is involved. Includes a certificate with an itemized list of serial numbers for each unit being  destroyed. 

What happens to the hard drives that are not destroyed?

  1. If they are reusable they will be 100% professionally wiped.
  2. If they are NOT reusable they will be sent to approved downstream vendors that comply with responsible recycling practices.


  • WE REUSE : We give salvageable items a second chance!


  • JUNK REMOVAL SERVICES: We offer this service for business and residential customers. We are very eco- friendly we recycle as much as we can to prevent items ending in our landfills.  Please text us pictures for a quick and free quote to 951-733-3628